About Us

 The Global Trade Leaders´ Club is an association of leading businesses, which gathers more than 7500 members from 95 different countries, all working in the sectors of production and services.


The main aim of this association is to promote trade exchanges and human relationships amongst businessmen from all over the world, focusing specifically on SMEs (Small & Medium-sized Businesses) and without discarding international companies.

The Global Trade Leaders´ Club organizes every year different meetings and award ceremonies in various countries, creating the ideal occasion for direct contact between businessmen, with the idea that their mutual knowledge and exchange of experiences will always leed to new business opportunities. All members can be present at these meetings, as full members of the organisation, to promote their products and services at an international level and gain potential clients and/or investors. Indeed, these are great possibilities to create new strategic alliances, new collaboration agreements, and to exchange new technologies, constantly keeping in mind the idea of new business opportunities. This association was also created to establish a permanent union and continuity in these awarded businesses´ relationships within the club.

 It was established in in Madrid during a solemn act, with businessmen from over 40 countries attending the event. The Global Trade Leaders´ Club publishes its Members’ Directory in CD-Rom format, with all the necessary contact details (name, e-mail, telephone number, etc…) of all 7500 members from 95 countries, classified by sectors and activities. This CD, an exceptional marketing tool, is updated every 3 months to include all new members.

There is no compulsory financial contribution. Indeed, the only requirement to become a member of this club is to have been awarded, based on other members´ recommendations, one of the prizes organized by the GTLC every year. The membership to the Club is a “right” which have all awarded companies, but is in no way an obligation.


It is by following this line of work that a network of companies was created, with leaders from all sectors and geograpgical areas continuously interacting, exchanging ideas and developing important business relationships.